As a non-profit organization, our determined intention is to optimize health and well-being of people through education, training, and practice of Bioenergy Healing System, yoga, meditation and nutrition.


What We Do

Our mission is as simple as connecting to the source of life within us


A conscious, self-directed and evolving process to achieve spiritual, physical, environmental, intellectual, social, financial, and occupational wellness utilizing this dynamic system to change and grow. Health doesn’t have to be hard to achieve.


From youth to adulthood, we aim to assist everybody to learn and practice the non-invasive Bioenergy Healing System to activate the body’s innate healing process. Our programs also focus on the education and practice of yoga, meditation, and proper nutritional intake.


Our focus is to create a well-resourced, solid foundation, built on strong evidence and to successfully communicate the benefits it offers to people and communities, empowering each individual to naturally attend to his/her well-being.